Awakening Chakras with Hand Mudras & Mantra Sounds

Author: Jessica Tracy

Mudras Hand Positions - Mudra Meaning & Mantra Meaning

Every chakra in your body has a chakra sound associated with it, also known as a 
bija mantra or seed mantra.

These chakra sounds are very powerful when it comes to unblocking your seven chakras and awakening your kundalini life force.

So, what exactly is the seed mantra?

In Hindu tradition, the word bija means "seed". It is also a letter in a Sanskrit alphabet, which consists of 50 different bijas.

Mantric sounds (seed mantras or bija mantras) are excellent tools for tuning our mind and body to correct energetic resonance.

Chanting seed mantras during your yoga practice or meditation will allow you to change the flow of the energy in your body and remove stagnant energetic blocks.  

Mantras are "words of power", and they can be found in many spiritual traditions all over the world.

What Are The Mantra Sounds For Each Chakra?

There are seven mantra sounds associated with 7 chakras in your body.
Chanting these sounds will allow you to create energetic balance and better align your chakras:

  1. LAM – Root Chakra - 1st Bija Mantra
  2. VAM - Sacral Chakra – 2nd Bija Mantra
  3. RAM – Solar Plexus Chakra – 3rd Bija Mantra
  4. YAM – Heart Chakra – 4th Bija Mantra
  5. HAM – Throat Chakra – 5th Bija Mantra
  6. SHAM - Third Eye Chakra – 6th Bija Mantra
  7. OM – Crown Chakra – 7th Bija Mantra

You can learn more about each of these chakras in our comprehensive 7 Chakras Guide For Beginners.



What is Mudra?

Mudra is a symbolic way of communicating with the deity by using different hand gestures. The word mudra can be translated to 'seal', 'mark' or 'gesture'. 

Mudras play an important role in many Hindu and Buddhist rituals, and they are very often used along with mantras (chanting sounds), asanas (body positions), and pranayama (breathing techniques).

Hand mudras are believed to have positive healing properties because they allow you to better channel higher energies into your body and mind.

Why are the hand mudras so important?

There is a massive amount of energy which flows through our hands, and according to Hindu tradition, each finger represents one of the five elements:

  1. Thumb (agni) - Fire
  2. Index finger (vayu) - Air
  3. Middle finger (akasha) - Ether
  4. Ring finger (prithvi) - Earth
  5. Little finger (jala) - Water

If these five elements are balanced in your body, you will remain healthy. 

So, your health literally lies at your fingertips,  because you have full control over your fingers.

When any of your 5 fingers are arranged in a specific way, you can adjust the levels of these elements and activate exceptional health. 

Hand Mudras Finger Elements

Mudras are extremely easy to use, but they can create powerful transformation in your life by liberating and balancing your prana (life force).

Hand mudras, along with mantras, are 2 easy tools that can help you liberate energy locked within your chakras and other energy channels (known as nadis).

Have a look at our 'Mantra & Mudra Guide' and start awakening your chakras today:

Chakra Mudras and Mantras Chart

Do Mudras Really Work?

Mudras can really work their magic when they are performed correctly, and each of the hand seals is sustained for at least 5 minutes.

Your fingers have nerves endings, which can send signals directly to your brain and endocrine glands in your body.

Mudras have a long history and come from ancient, Indian, Vedic culture.

They don't originate from a Japanese manga, as some may think, but they can be surely found in certain traditional martial arts schools.

Mudras are also considered to be a sacred practice in different forms of Yoga.

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Did any of the mudras ever work for you?

Share your experience and let us know in the comments below!


Are you interested in healing all of your chakras?
Are any of your chakras blocked?

We have created comprehensive healing guides for each chakra in your body!

Click on one one of the links below and learn how to unblock all of your chakras:

1. Root Chakra Healing Guide | Muladhara.
2. Sacral Chakra Healing Guide | Svadhisthana.
3. Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Guide | Manipura.
4. Heart Chakra Healing Guide | Anahata.
5. Throat Chakra Healing Guide | Vishuddha.
6. Third Eye Chakra Healing Guide | Ajna.
7. Crown Chakra Healing Guide | Sahasrara.

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