Crown Chakra Yoga Poses

Author: Jessica Tracy

Crown Chakra Yoga Poses

In the whole chakra system, the crown chakra is the highest energy source, and it combines the individual attributes of all 7 chakras.

The energy of your crown chakra allows you to feel eternal love and peace with all living beings and everything around you.

The crown chakra, or 
Sahasrara in Sanskrit, keeps you connected with the Divine and your Higher Self, giving you a sense of knowing that there is a higher purpose and order in life. Its color is violet, and it is located at the top of your head.

The main purpose of the crown chakra is to bind you through spirituality, self-realization, wisdom, and enlightenment with the divine force and the infinite source of healing energy. Your crown chakra serves as a clear, energetic channel to your Higher Self. 

So, what are the healing benefits of yoga for your crown chakra?

Adding yoga to your everyday routine is a perfect way to loosen up and align all chakras of your body.

There are many yoga poses (asanas), which can be used for individual chakras, but please keep in mind that ultimately they will provide many health benefits for your body as a whole.

Some of the most effective yoga poses for crown chakra are postures that stimulate the energy and blood flow to your head. 

Supported Headstand is one of my personal favorite yoga poses for the crown chakra, and I have been practicing it for many years.

However, if you suffer from a back or neck injury, I wouldn’t recommend it. You can substitute it for the Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose), which is probably the second-best pose for your crown chakra.


Let’s have a look at some of my favorite yoga poses for the seventh chakra:

Lotus Pose | Padmasana

Lotus Pose - Padmasana Yoga Posture

Lotus Pose might be today's most popular yoga pose, also known by people who don't practice yoga. Many people regard it as the "classic" yoga position.

Lotus position, or 
Padmasana, is a cross-legged yoga posture that helps you to achieve a deep, meditative state and bring your attention to the crown chakra. It calms your mind and alleviates many physical problems.

Lotus Pose requires a lot of awareness and flexibility in your hip area to be executed properly.

Full position involves stacking both legs on top of each other, but you can start with a simple cross-legged position, experiment with half lotus variation (one foot is bent and the other is resting on the floor), and work your way up.

Corpse Pose | Savasana

Corpse Pose - Savasana Yoga Posture

Corpse Pose, or Savasana, is normally performed at the end of the yoga practice so that you can completely assimilate the results of your session.

Even though it looks like a nap, it is actually an invitation to stay present and aware for 5 to 10 minutes.

It allows you to calm your mind and enter a deep, meditative state. In the Savasana pose, you slow down your breath, lay down on your mat with your eyes closed and palms facing up. 

Supported Headstand | Sirsasana

Supported Headstand Pose - Sirsasana Yoga Posture

If crown chakra is the King of all 7 chakras, Supported Headstand, or Salamaba Sirasana, can be called a King of all yoga postures.

Headstand is one of the best inversion postures, which increases the blood flow to your brain, cleanses the lymphatic system, and builds strength in your upper body. 
Sirasana demands a great deal of focus, awareness, and it engages most of your stabilizer muscles.

Many people are afraid of Sirasana, and one of the biggest problems is a fear of falling on your back. You can overcome that fear by practicing this pose against the wall.

You can also use a yoga block or soft blanket to provide more support to your neck and arms.

If you think Headstand is not for you, try 
Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-The-Wall-Pose) first. You will get used to the sensation of the blood flowing from the lower body to your head.

Tree Pose | Vrksasana

Tree Pose - Vrksasana Yoga Posture

Vrksasana is a wonderful balancing posture, which shoots the energy along the spine, all the way up to your crown chakra.

Although the Tree Pose can look simple at first sight, the combination of strength, balance, and concentration is required to achieve the correct form. 

Daily practice of this pose will increase your focus and ability to concentrate in all aspects of your life, particularly during those moments when you feel "off-balance."

Tree Pose teaches you that the advantages of a meditative state of mind can be achieved in any yoga position (not only when you lay down in 
Savasana or sit in a Lotus Pose).

Forearm Stand | Pincha Mayurasana

Forearm Stand Pose - Pincha Mayurasana Yoga Posture

Forearm Stand is a challenging inversion posture, which requires you to have a strong foundation of yoga.

If you want to hold 
Pincha Mayurasana one day, you have to let go of the ego as the path to achieve this pose is the most humbling one.

Your strength, power, flexibility, and concentration will be thoroughly tested. You can use Downward-Facing Dog, and Dolphin Pose as preparation yoga poses to get used to being upside down while in Pincha Mayurasana.

Your Favorite Yoga Poses for Crown Chakra

Now, over to you.

  • Have you tried any the poses mentioned in this post?
  • Did I forget to mention some of your favorites?

Don't forget to let us know in the comments below!

Crown Chakra Yoga Poses Asanas Chart

Yoga Asanas For Seven Chakras

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