Hand Chakras | Healing Power Of Your Hands

Author: Jessica Tracy

Hand Chakras

Most of us are aware of the existence of 7 major chakras found along the spine, but did you know that there are many other smaller chakras located in the palm of your hands?

Your hand chakras are much smaller, and they do not store energy just like your seven key chakras, but rather they are the pathways by which healing energy travels back and forth.

Yes, there is a hidden, healing force of energy within your hands!

In this article, we are going to talk about the role of your hand chakras, discover their location, and practice a few easy exercises, which will allow you to activate and open these energy centers up.

Let's dive right in!

Hand Chakras Healing

Your entire body is filled with numerous, smaller chakras that have their own special functions. The seven main chakras are just the beginning. 

While all of the major chakras are located along your spine line, the minor and micro chakras are scattered over the rest of your body, each serving as a purification center for life energies and contributing to the harmony of your physical and spiritual self.

According to the research performed by Dr. Amit Ray in 2018, humans have 114 energy centers in the body, and they are all connected through the network of 72,000 nadis (energetic tubes or channels). 

The hand chakras are among the most important ones, as the hands are believed to be the centers of healing and regeneration in holistic healing modalities, such as Reiki.

Reiki Healing Hands

Reiki uses the idea that by touch, the Reiki therapist redirects energies to his/her patient, which in turn stimulates the internal healing mechanisms of the body, and improves both physical and emotional health.

Reiki healers are able to take advantage of the energy that flows through their hand chakras.

However, anyone who is aware of energy will also be able to understand and appreciate the value of these centers.

Let's try a few easy exercises.



How To Activate Your Hand Chakras

Have you ever seen yoga or meditation teachers rubbing their hands together before their practice, and wondered what does it mean? 

The process of rubbing your hands together creates warmth, and as a result, the healing energy in your hands awakens. You can then put your warm hands on your face and eyes - it is an act of giving yourself a blessing. 

Rubbing your hands together is probably the best starting point when you are working with your hand chakras.

You can further expand on this exercise by slowly separating both of your hands from each other and envisioning a sphere of light between your palms. You should be able to feel this wonderful energy between both of your hands.

Here's another easy exercise that you can use to open your hand chakras:

  • First of all, you should improve your hands' responsiveness and sensitivity, and allow your palms to be open and free (you do not want them to be stiff). You can do that by opening and closing your hands' couple of times.
  • Open up your left hand and place your right thumb in the middle of your palm.
  • Begin to turn your right thumb in the clockwise direction a few times.
  • Next, open up your right hand and place your left thumb in the middle of your palm.
  • Begin to turn your left thumb in the clockwise direction
  • The last step is to touch the tip of your thumb with each of your fingers (both left and right hand) a couple of times.
  • Once you are finished with the steps above, your hand chakras will be open and active.

You can test the effectiveness of this exercise by holding your hands a few inches/centimetres away from your 7 major chakra points. If you notice the tingling sensation or feel the heat, your hand chakras are activated.

If you are interested in more advanced techniques of working with your hands and opening your hand chakras, I encourage you to explore the practice of mudras (also known as "hand seals").

Hand mudras are believed to have beneficial healing effects because they allow you to transmit more energy from your hands into your mind and body.

You can learn more about the power and benefits of mudras in this article on our blog:
Awakening Chakras With Hand Mudras & Mantra Sounds

Hand Chakra Location Points

Your major 7 chakra centers are also reflected in your hands. There are specific points that can be stimulated with methods such as reflexology or acupressure.

You can massage and apply pressure to these points and send healing energy to balance and re-align specific (major) chakra in your subtle body.

Let's have a look at the hand chakras chart below and locate all of the corresponding chakra points in your palms:

Hand Chakra Location Points

Hand Chakras Tingling

Once you start working with your hand chakras regularly, you might notice slight tingling sensations in your palms.

There is nothing to be worried about, as this is a normal symptom, which indicates that your energy centers start to open up, and you begin to establish a connection with the source of energy.

What you need to realize is that sensing the energy with your hands is a normal human skill that is innate to you, and a tingling sensation in your hands is an indicator that you are opening up your energetic blockages.

Energy healers also experience a tingling sensation in their hands when the energy starts to flow.

Opening yourself up to the sensations produced by the energies in your hands is all you need to do. If your hands get really hot, shake them or place them in cold water to release an excess of energy.

Now over to you:

  • Are you going to try any of the hand chakra activation methods from this post?
  • Do you know any other techniques, which haven't been mentioned in this article?

Let everyone know in the comment section down below!

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