Chakra Symbols Meaning: Complete Guide

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Chakra Symbols | 7 Chakras Colors Chart

You probably heard about energetic centres in our bodies, known as chakras.
Chakra is a word, which comes from an ancient, Indian script language known as Sanskrit and it translates to "wheel" or "circle".

All 7 chakra symbols are in fact created in circular design, which might also remind you of the geometric shape known as mandala.

Mandalas help us to understand our place in the Universe as they represent a perfect cosmic harmony.

Yes, chakra symbols are in fact mandala lotuses!

Each chakra lotus is portrayed with a different number of petals, which are expression of their vibratory frequency:

  • Root Chakra symbol has 4 petals
  • Sacral Chakra symbol has 6 petals
  • Solar Plexus Chakra symbol has 10 petals
  • Heart Chakra symbol has 12 petals
  • Throat Chakra symbol has 16 petals
  • Third Eye Chakra symbol has 2 petals
  • Crown Chakra symbol has 1,000 petals

You can learn more about the importance of mandalas in the Mandala Meaning article on our blog.

When you look deeper into early traditions of Hinduism and ancient Tantric texts about chakras you will find that each of these symbols is sacred and have a deep metaphorical meaning.

In this article, I am going to break down elements of each chakra symbol and help you to discover all of the little secrets, which are hidden inside of them.



Root Chakra Symbol Meaning

The root chakra symbol is depicted by a lotus flower with 4 petals which represent 4 aspects of human being:

  • Mind (or Manas in Sansktrit)
  • Intellect (Buddhi)
  • Consciousness (Chitta)
  • Ego (Ahamkara)

There is a square in the centre of the lotus, which represents Earth with its grounding and foundational energy.

Inside of the square there is a downward facing triangle, which can be interpreted as a seed of consciousness and the place where our spirit is incarnated into the physical form.

As we evolve on our spiritual journey to awakening we are able expand our consciousness and inverted triangle is a perfect representation of this idea.

You can learn more about root chakra in our Root Chakra Healing Guide | Muladhara.

Root Chakra Symbol Muladhara Lotus

Sacral Chakra Symbol Meaning

The symbol of sacral chakra can be described as an orange lotus flower with six, vermilion-colored petals, which holds a circle and crescent moon inside of it.

The seed mantra in the centre of the sacral chakra symbol is a syllable  VAM.
There is a dot right above the seed mantra symbol, which represents Hindu deity Vishnu.

Second chakra symbol has a moon in its centre with water as its ruling element.
Just as 28-day moon cycle affects the waters in the sea by creating magnetic pull, it also affects your body.
For women this repeatedly occurs in relation to 28-day menstrual cycle

But theres one more element often depicted in Tantric symbol of Svadhisthana:

Inside the crescent moon hides an alligator-like, water creature called makara.
Makara has a long tail, which symbolizes the coil of Kundalini and it a representation of your deep desires and unconscious, animal instincts.

You can learn more about sacral chakra in our Sacral Chakra Healing Guide | Svadhisthana.

Sacral Chakra Symbol With Makara Creature

Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol Meaning

Solar plexus chakra symbol is represented by a yellow lotus with 10 petals and inverted, red triangle of fire (Tejas) in the middle.

Seed mantra in the centre of solar plexus chakra symbol is the sound syllable ram. 

Triangle with T-shaped arms on each side represents the Sun and it is often portrayed on Hindu paintings of solar plexus chakra with god Vahni, supported by a ram.

Each petal of the lotus corresponds to one aspect of Bradha Rudra, who is the deity of this chakra.
The black letters (vrittis) on the petals of manipura symbol can be translated to:

  • Spiritual Ignorance (avidya)
  • Thirst (trishna)
  • Jealousy (dvesh)
  • Treachery (krurta)
  • Shame (lajja)
  • Fear (bhai)
  • Disgust (nirasha)
  • Foolishness (murkhta)
  • Sadness (udasinta)

You can learn more about solar plexus chakra in our Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Guide | ManipuraSolar Plexus Chakra Manipura Symbol

Heart Chakra Symbol Meaning

Heart chakra symbol is represented by a green lotus with 12 petals and 2 intersecting triangles in the center, forming a hexagram

First triangle symbolizes God’s masculine essence (interpreted as Shiva) and second symbolizes God’s feminine essence (interpreted as Shakti). 

Each petal of the heart chakra lotus is associated with one of 12 virtues of a pure heart:

  1. Love
  2. Harmony
  3. Empathy
  4. Understanding
  5. Purity
  6. Clarity
  7. Compassion
  8. Unity
  9. Forgiveness
  10. Kindness
  11. Peace
  12. Bliss

In Hindu mythology, Vaju who is at the centre of a heart chakra symbol, is the god associated with the heart chakra

Vaju is also known as “deity of Life” and the god of air, and wind.

You can learn more about heart chakra in our Heart Chakra Healing Guide | Anahata. Heart Chakra Anahata Symbol

Throat Chakra Symbol Meaning

Throat chakra symbol is represented by a bright, blue lotus with 16 petals, decorated by all vowels of the Sanskrit language

In the center of the lotus there is downward-facing triangle with a circle inside of it, representing the element of space (ether) and a syllable 'HAM' हं, known as throat chakra Bija Mantra.

The deity identified with Throat Chakra is Sadashiva, a god/goddess normally dressed in a tiger skin with five heads (representing 5 elements) and ten arms. 
Sadashiva is an expression of the Yin and Yang equilibrium and eternal purity.

You can learn more about throat chakra in our Throat Chakra Healing Guide | Vishuddha.

Throat Chakra Deity Sadashiva with Vishuddha Symbol

Third Eye Chakra Symbol Meaning

Third Eye Chakra symbol is represented by an indigo blue lotus with 2 petals.

In the center of the lotus there is downward-facing triangle representing enlightenment and your connection to the divine with a syllable OM , known as third eye chakra bija mantra (or seed mantra).

The OM is considered to be the world's fundamental sound which includes all the other sounds. 
It is also a sacred spiritual symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, where it is regarded as the Universe's supreme sound and a representation of the Creator.

Why does the third eye chakra symbol has only 2 petals?

Two petals of ajna chakra are meant to represent Ida and Pingala – 2 most important, subtle energy channels (known as “nadis” in Sanskrit) which travel all the way up from root chakra to your head and meet with Sushumna nadi. 

Sushumna is a central nadi which connects all of your chakras along the spine and guides your kundalini energy up, towards your crown chakra. 

Sometimes left petal of the third eye chakra symbol has a syllable HAM हं written on it, which represents Shiva (symbol of masculine principle) and right petal is decorated with syllable KSHAM क्षं, which is associated with Shakti (feminine principle). 

Two petals of anja chakra sybol can be also interpreted as physical eyes, the manifest and unmanifest mind or pineal and pituitary glands.

You can learn more about third eye chakra in our Third Eye Chakra Healing Guide | Ajna.

Third Eye Chakra Symbol Meaning

Crown Chakra Symbol Meaning

Crown Chakra symbol is represented by violet lotus with 1000 petals.

Circle in the centre of the symbol portrays the vacuum of space. 

As your consciousness rises from lower chakras all the way up to crown chakra, you will be able to connect and merge with this infinite space.

You can also think of it as a ‘Circle of Oneness’ with all living beings in the Universe.

Crown chakra symbol sometimes has a syllable OM  in the middle of it, also known as bija mantra (or seed mantra).

The OM is considered to be the world's fundamental sound which includes all the other sounds. 
It is also a sacred spiritual symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, where it is regarded as the Universe's supreme sound and a representation of the Creator.

So, why does the crown chakra lotus has 1000 petals?

Thousand petals are meant to symbolize the power of kundalini energy, which rises into awakened crown chakra.

Ultimately, this amazing feeling can be described as a flower with multiple petals, opening on top of your head.

You can learn more about crown chakra in our Crown Chakra Healing Guide | Sahasrara.

Crown Chakra Sahasrara Chakra Symbol Lotus


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