Red Chakra: Root Chakra Color Meaning

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Red Chakra Color Meaning

Red Chakra, also known as Root Chakra, or Muladhara, is the first chakra from the bottom, located at the base of the spine.

Red chakra is the base of the whole chakra system on which the other chakras rest.

The first chakra has a direct link to Mother Earth and it is connected with the element of earth. Muladhara, which means "root support," is the Sanskrit name for this energy center.

Red chakra symbolizes the first step into the physical realm. If you don't balance this chakra first, you won't be able to move to the next ones.

This chakra gives us the foundation that real growth requires.

As you might already know, each chakra is associated with a specific color. The primary color of the root chakra is red. 

In this post, we'll look at the meaning behind the root chakra color and its importance for this energy center.

Let's get started!

What is The Function of Red Chakra?

Red chakra's primary job is to keep you alive and rooted in the physical world. Much like the roots of the tree, the Root Chakra is the base on which you build your life.

It prioritizes the essentials of survival, such as food, shelter, safety, and comfort.

Red chakra is what triggers your survival instinct, sometimes called the "fight or flight" response.

The Kundalini (life force energy) lies dormant in the red chakra, waiting to be awakened. Kundalini is a term used to describe profound and illuminating energy that induces a deep state of consciousness.

Kundalini is a manifestation of the universe's creative force and it is considered to be the spiritual essence of creation.

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Red Chakra Color Meaning

Red is the color that grabs our attention right away, and it is frequently used to signal alerts and dangers.

The root chakra is in charge of your survival, and the red color will help you to redirect your attention back to safety.

On an emotional level, the red chakra color represents the emotion of anger. Red chakra teaches you how to deal with your anger and convert it into something positive.

Red is also a color of passion, strength, power, courage, and self-awareness, and it helps you to stay grounded in the physical body.

Red energy in your body can manifest as righteous anger or love and passion. It gives you a sense of determination and passion.

The wavelength of the red color is very dense, and it moves the slowest from all of the other colors in the entire spectrum. It is a reminder of our deep connection to Mother Earth.

Root Chakra Red Color Meaning

Red Color Symbolism

Red is an intense color that evokes a wide range of extreme emotions, from passionate, deep love to anger and violence. Red is a hot, exciting, and powerful color.

Red color increases your heart rate, blood circulation, and body temperature. It increases your sensitivity to the surroundings by stimulating your senses of smell and taste.

The red color is also a stimulant. It supports the function of adrenal glands and causes you to take more action by giving you more energy.

Red is commonly used in national flags (it appears on 77% of all flags), shields, and award badges because it is identified with courage and heroism.

In Asia, red is associated with good luck and fortune and is the most popular color in China. Lots of Japanese kids draw the sun as a large, red circle.

Red is considered to be the lucky color for marriage in India and Nepal, where brides wear red sarees at their weddings.

Red Chakra Stones

Root chakra's primary color is red, thus the most effective stones to balance your first chakra are usually red, or brown / black.

Let's a have a look at some of the best stones to balance your red chakra and their colors:

1. Jasper

  • Typical colors: most commonly red, yellow, orange, brown, green, and rarely blue.
  • Helps with: self-confidence, self-trust, courage, grounding, stability, energy flow. 


Red Jasper Root Chakra Crystal Stone

It is a magic stone of grounding and stability, providing you with comfort, security, strength, and balance. 

Red Jasper will help you to reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies by creating a stable frequency that matches Muladhara. 

Red Jasper is also one of the best crystals to assist you with awakening your Kundalini serpent, which lies at the base of your spine, in the center of the root chakra.

2. Carnelian

  • Typical colors: orange, red, yellow, brown and few others.
  • Helps with: courage, motivation, strength, self-confidence, overcoming past traumas, vitality, balancing energy.


Red Carnelian Root Chakra Stone Crystal

It comes in beautiful shades of red and orange, and it is one of the best stones to help you overcome your deepest fears and increase your courage and strength levels. 

Red Carnelian will allow you to overcome procrastination and increase your self-confidence levels.

3. Obsidian

  • Typical colors: black but also available in brown, green, and rarely in blue, red, orange, or yellow.
  • Helps with: protection, energy flow, courage, self-confidence, decision-making, clarity, grounding.


Black Obsidian Root Chakra Stone Crystal

It is a powerful cleansing stone that has amazing grounding and protective properties. 

Black Obsidian can help you to release any negative emotions such as fear, stress, and anger, which are very often trapped inside your root chakra.

4. Bloodstone

  • Typical colors: dark green body with red to orange spots.
  • Helps with: protection, energy flow, courage, self-confidence, decision-making, clarity, grounding.


Bloodstone Root Chakra Stone Crystal

Beautiful, earthy green stone with blood-like, red spots. It is a very powerful protection and grounding stone, helpful in boosting your energy, courage, and determination. If you need more endurance during any of your physical activities and work on the awakening of your root chakra through exercises, bloodstone is a great choice. 

5. Tourmaline 

  • Typical colors: black but it can occur in all other colors of the spectrum.
  • Helps with: tension release, energy flow, self-confidence, overcoming fear, protection, grounding.


Black Tourmaline Root Chakra Stone Crystal

It is a powerful stone of protection and one of the best shields against negative energies. Black tourmaline is also a great grounding and empowerment stone, which can help you to overcome challenging situations in life and establish a better connection with Earth's energy. 
This stone is very often used in cleansing and purification rituals.


Red Chakra Opening Symptoms

Red chakra's balance provides a stable basis for the other chakras to open and activate. 

When the root chakra opens up, you will feel comfortable in your own body for the first time in your life.

You will have a sense of a deep, grounded connection with the Earth, other beings, and the entire Universe.

You will also have the feeling of comfort and stability that comes with knowing that you are safe in this world.

Feeling safe and grounded will come with the added benefit of lowering your anxiety.

Finally, activating the root chakra reminds you that you are not alone in the world.

Would you like to learn some of the most practical methods and techniques to open your red chakra?

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