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Author: Jessica Tracy

Root Chakra Stones Crystals & Gemstones

Root Chakra
 (Muladhara) is the foundation of your chakra system located at the base of the spine and associated with the element of Earth.

The Root Chakra is essential because it's where your bond to Earth starts. We all need solid, deep roots to evolve and the assurance of being grounded in the nurturing essence of Mother Earth.

Some of the main functions of the first chakra include:

  • Grounding
  • Survival
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Energy Flow

Root chakra's main color is red - a color that immediately catches your attention. Red is very often used to signal threats and it can quickly bring your attention back to safety.

Most of the gemstones and crystals that correspond to the grounding energy of root chakra are also red.

Red stones will boost your vitality, strength, power, courage, and self-awareness, and allow you to remain more grounded in the physical body.

Some of the other stones which match the energetic frequency of 1st chakra are black. Black stones and crystals are known to offer the stability and protection required to balance the root chakra.


Now, let's a have a look at some of the best stones to balance your root chakra.

1. Jasper

  • Typical colors: most commonly red, yellow, orange, brown, green, and rarely blue.
  • Helps with: self-confidence, self-trust, courage, grounding, stability, energy flow. 

Red Jasper Root Chakra Crystal Stone

It is a magic stone of grounding and stability, providing you with comfort, security, strength, and balance. 

Red Jasper will help you to reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies by creating a stable frequency that matches Muladhara. 

Red Jasper is also one of the best crystals to assist you with awakening your Kundalini serpent, which lies at the base of your spine, in the center of the root chakra.

2. Carnelian

  • Typical colors: orange, red, yellow, brown and few others.
  • Helps with: courage, motivation, strength, self-confidence, overcoming past traumas, vitality, balancing energy.

Red Carnelian Root Chakra Stone Crystal

It comes in beautiful shades of red and orange, and it is one of the best stones to help you overcome your deepest fears and increase your courage and strength levels. 

Red Carnelian will allow you to overcome procrastination and increase your self-confidence levels.

3. Obsidian

  • Typical colors: black but also available in brown, green, and rarely in blue, red, orange, or yellow.
  • Helps with: protection, energy flow, courage, self-confidence, decision-making, clarity, grounding.

Black Obsidian Root Chakra Stone Crystal

It is a powerful cleansing stone that has amazing grounding and protective properties. 

Black Obsidian can help you to release any negative emotions such as fear, stress, and anger, which are very often trapped inside your root chakra.

4. Bloodstone

  • Typical colors: dark green body with red to orange spots.
  • Helps with: protection, energy flow, courage, self-confidence, decision-making, clarity, grounding.

Bloodstone Root Chakra Stone Crystal

Beautiful, earthy green stone with blood-like, red spots. It is a very powerful protection and grounding stone, helpful in boosting your energy, courage, and determination. If you need more endurance during any of your physical activities and work on the awakening of your root chakra through exercises, bloodstone is a great choice. 

5. Tourmaline 

  • Typical colors: black but it can occur in all other colors of the spectrum.
  • Helps with: tension release, energy flow, self-confidence, overcoming fear, protection, grounding.

Black Tourmaline Root Chakra Stone Crystal

It is a powerful stone of protection and one of the best shields against negative energies. Black tourmaline is also a great grounding and empowerment stone, which can help you to overcome challenging situations in life and establish a better connection with Earth's energy. 
This stone is very often used in cleansing and purification rituals.

6. Rhodonite 

  • Typical colors: pink, rose-pink to brownish red, red, gray and yellow.
  • Helps with: emotional balance, strength, forgiveness, energy flow, overcoming fear, liver and kidney detoxification.

Rhodonite Root Chakra Stone Crystal Gemstone

Rhodonite is a grounding stone that can help you cope with painful situations. It is a heart and root chakra stone that assists in the efficient processing of energies in both of these energy centers.

Rhodonite is a very versatile stone that can be used to add strength and energy to the body and soul, enabling them to anchor higher energies required for your spiritual evolution.

7. Garnet 

  • Typical colors: most commonly seen in red but also available in green, orange, yellow, pink, brown, purple-red and black.
  • Helps with: grounding, self-confidence, energy flow, strength, passion, intimacy, safety, protection.

Garnet Root Chakra Stone Crystal Gemstone  

Red Garnet is a powerful energizing, grounding, and revitalizing gemstone, that can be used to stimulate your kundalini energy. Garnet's main advantage is that it purifies the body's energy by removing toxins and returning your body to its healthy condition.

Garnet is a great protection stone that was once considered to be a defensive talisman used to warn of imminent threat and danger.


Root Chakra Stones Chart

There are many other beautiful root chakra stones and crystals. It might be difficult to remember all of them.

We have gathered some of our favorite root chakra stones together and created a small, root chakra crystals chart for you. If you are using Pinterest, go ahead and pin to your Crystals & Stones Board:

Root Chakra Stones Crystals Gemstones Chart

How To Use Root Chakra Stones

There is no correct or incorrect way for root chakra stones to be used. However, I am going to give you a few creative ideas on how to include them as a part of your daily routine:

  • Meditate with your gemstones and crystals.
  • Place the stones on your physical body (and position them at the root chakra point).
  • Wear your root chakra stones as a form of jewelry.
  • Put the stones in different places around your home.
  • Use them during your bath time.
  • Create your own, beautiful chakra crystal grid by combing them together with other chakra stones.

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Chakra Stones Chart - Seven Chakras Crystals

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