Throat Chakra Yoga Poses

Author: Jessica Tracy

Throat Chakra Yoga Poses

The throat chakra is your center of communication, which allows you to shape your reality by expressing your ideas and desires.

The fifth chakra, or 
Vishuddha in Sanskrit, gives you the ability to speak the truth from the place of integrity and authenticity. Its color is light blue (tuquoise), and it is located in the middle of the throat.

When your throat chakra is open and healthy, you begin to live an authentic life, stand by your word with integrity, and say what you feel.

So, what are the healing benefits of yoga for your throat chakra?

Adding yoga to your everyday routine is a perfect way to loosen up and align all chakras of your body.

There are many yoga poses (asanas), which can be used for individual chakras, but please keep in mind that ultimately they will provide many health benefits for your body as a whole.

Yoga is a great way to work with your throat chakra, as certain physical poses (asanas) will allow you to open up your shoulders and release the tension from your neck. 

Yoga also improves the oxygen circulation in your body, as most of the yoga exercises involve working with your breath. 


Some of my favorite yoga poses for the fifth chakra are:

Neck Rolls & Neck Stretches

Yoga Neck Rolls and Neck Stretches

Neck rolls are great warm-up exercises before your yoga session as they reduce the upper back, neck, and jaw tension. Any of these areas can contain enormous quantities of stress and require daily stretching.

Lion Pose | Simhasana

Lion Pose - Simhasana

Lion Pose may look a little odd at first sight and it brings up a feeling of light-hearted playfulness. It is often said that this silly-looking posture improves the voice, decreases face and neck wrinkles, benefits the thyroid gland, and reduces tension in the upper body.

Lion Posture imitates the boldness of the king of the jungle and evokes the vibrant spirit of this animal. In a yoga class, you will most likely learn to combine this asana (physical posture) with a breathing technique called pranayama (Lion's Breath) to create the ultimate throat chakra cleansing experience.

Supported Shoulder Stand | Salamba Sarvangasana

Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose - Sarvangasana

If you're new to yoga, you may not be ready to do some of the inverted positions. You can probably start with Sarvangasana - a posture that beginners can master progressively and comfortably.

Supported Shoulder Stand works primarily on your neck, shoulders, and back. It is an inversion posture, which transfers more blood to the upper body.

Shoulder Stand is especially helpful for individuals with an overactive throat chakra (symptoms include excessive talking, difficulty concentrating or listening, and stuttering).

This posture is relaxing, and it can be performed at the end of the yoga practice.

Plow Pose | Halasana

Plow Pose - Halasana Yoga Posture

Plow Pose is another great inversion yoga posture that supports the back, shoulders, neck, and it stimulates the nervous system.

Plow Pose has a calming effect, and it is usually performed at the end of a yoga session before the Corpse Pose (
Savasana) and meditation.

Many experienced yoga practitioners advise placing the blanket under the shoulders to make more space for the neck and enable a straight spine. 

Halasana can help to ease the back pain and help with headaches, sinusitis, and insomnia by supplying more blood to the neck and head area.

Cat-Cow Pose | Chakravakasana

Cat Cow Yoga Pose - Chakravakasana

Cat-Cow is a fundamental yoga pose, and it involves shifting from a rounded back position to an arched position.

Each motion is performed by inhaling or exhaling the air, which makes it a simple 
vinyasa, where you can link the breath to the movement of your body.

Cat-Cow Pose stretches your entire spine, and it involves a gentle stretch of your neck as you move your head up and down (very beneficial for your throat chakra centre). It is one of the poses, which allows you to, almost immediately, find the freedom in the body!

Bridge Pose | Setu Bhandasana

Bridge Pose - Setu Bhandasana

This is a mild inversion pose, which calms your brain, nervous system and provides a nice stretch to your neck, chest, and back of the body.

This pose may be used as preparation for deeper backbends or as a restorative pose practiced with a yoga block.

Lie flat on your back, bend your knees and place your arms straight with palms facing down.

Start pressing your feet into the ground without lifting your body and imagine earth energy flowing through your legs, making them strong and solid. 

Keep your legs firmly planted on the floor, take a deep breath, and start lifting your body up, pressing the chest upward. 

If you have some previous experience with yoga clasp your hands under your back and move your shoulders closer to each other.

Feel the strong support of your legs and hold this posture for a minimum of 3 breath cycles.

Your Favorite Yoga Poses for Throat Chakra

Now, over to you.

  • Have you tried any the poses mentioned in this post?
  • Did I forget to mention some of your favorites?

Don't forget to let us know in the comments below!

Throat Chakra Yoga Poses Asanas Chart

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