Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol Meaning

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Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol

The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra in the body, which governs all aspects of personality, self-esteem, and ego.

Healthy solar plexus chakra allows you to have the courage and move towards your goals with full strength and confidence.

The element associated with solar plexus chakra is fire, and the color of the solar plexus chakra is yellow.

Solar plexus chakra symbol resembles a mandala lotus, and it consists of the following elements:

  • 10 petals with vrittis.
  • Downward-pointing triangle.
  • Seed mantra RAM रं in the center.

    Let's have a look at each of these elements individually and find out what is their meaning. 

    Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol: 10-Petalled Lotus Meaning

    Ten petals of the solar plexus chakra are very often decorated with vrittis. They represent the negative traits of the character that we must overcome to open up this chakra:

    1. डं (dda) - Spiritual Ignorance.
    2. ढं (ddha) - Fear.
    3. णं (nna) - Jealousy, Envy.   
    4. तं (ta) - Treachery, Betrayal.
    5. थं (tha) - Shame.
    6. दं (da) - Thirst.
    7. धं (dha) - Disgust, Hatred.
    8. नं (na) - Delusion.
    9. पं (pa) - Foolishness.
    10. फ़ं (pha) - Sadness. 

    Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura Symbol


    Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol: Red Triangle

    In the center of solar plexus chakra symbol there is a red triangle of fire (Tejas).
    Tejas, or Tejas tattva, is a symbol and the essence of power and strength.

    Tejas is rooted in Vedic mythology, and it is a Sanskrit word, which translates to 'sharp' or 'sharpness'. 

    The indications of 'Tejas' have also been found in the Bhagavad Gita, where it indicates the ever-changing force transferred by the downward stream of evolution.

    Tejas tattva (तेजस्तत्त्व, “fire”) is one of the 36 Tattva's, also known as agnitattva.


    Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol Deity: Braddha Rudra (Shiva)

    Manipura's governing deity is Braddha Rudra (Old Shiva), who is a powerful version of Young Shiva, also known as a Lord of Destruction.

    This old, wise man reminds us that we need to destroy our false identification with ego and overcome the fear, and anger.

    Braddha Rudra has blue skin, silver beard, and he sits on a golden tiger skin.

    The tiger is a symbol of the mind (manas). When Rudra displays his ultimate strength, he becomes Ishvara - he creates and destroys the world. 

    Meditation is one of the best ways to transcend the negative and destructive aspects of this chakra.

    Lord Shiva in Deep Meditation

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