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Author: Jessica Tracy

Heart Chakra Stones & Crystals

Heart Chakra (Anahata) is located in the middle of the chest, over the sternum, and it is associated with love, acceptance, compassion, and sincerity. Its element is air.

The main color of the heart chakra is green. However, some of the stones which match the energetic frequency of the 4th chakra are pink.


Stones to balance heart chakra include:

Rose Quartz

This powerful, pink crystal vibrates with the energy of unconditional love. Rose Quartz is very often called the ‘Heart Stone’, as it stimulates the loving energy of the heart throughout your entire aura. Rose Quartz is the best crystal for purifying the heart. 


This beautiful, green gemstone is very often called the “Stone of Successful Love” as if offers healing energy to your heart chakra, and it restores the balance between partners in a relationship. Emerald has a calming effect on your emotions, and it can be used to heal your heart after an unsuccessful relationship.


It is a mesmerizing, green stone of protection, which is known for absorbing negative energies from your aura. Malachite will guide you to develop a healthy relationship with yourself and others.


This beautiful pink stone is also known as the “Stone of Self Love & Unconditional Love”, therefore it is a perfect match for healing your heart chakra. Rhodonite will balance your emotions and protect you from envy or jealousy.

Heart Chakra Stones and Crystals

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