Sacral Chakra Symbol Meaning

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Sacral Chakra Symbol

The sacral chakra is the second chakra in the body, which governs your ability to experience pleasure and live a life full of joy.

The sacral chakra also helps you to express yourself creatively and sexually.

The element associated with second chakra is Water, and the color of the root chakra symbol is orange.

Sacral chakra symbol resembles a mandala lotus and it consists of the following elements:

  • 6 petals.
  • Circle with the moon symbol in the middle.
  • Seed mantra  VAM in the centre.

Let's have a look at each of these elements individually and find out what is their meaning.

Sacral Chakra Symbol: 6-Petalled Lotus Meaning

Six petals of the sacral chakra symbol are sometimes decorated with 6 Sanskrit letters. They represent 6 negative aspects of our nature that we need to overcome to cleanse and purify this center.

  1. Wrath: बं baṃ
  2. Hate: भं bhaṃ
  3. Jealousy: मं maṃ
  4. Cruelty: यं yaṃ
  5. Lust: रं raṃ
  6. Pride: लं laṃ

According to Hinduism, number 6 is a symbolic depiction of a human mind, which can be either pure or out of our control (and the source of our suffering)

In the Bible, the number 6 represents imperfection, and it relates to our weaknesses: we are all vulnerable to sin as human beings.

Sacral Chakra Symbol: The Circle and The Moon

The circle is the symbol of cycles, and it refers to perpetual motion, never-ending transition, and a continual change. It encourages us to leap into this flow without using our mind to understand this experience, but rather taking pleasure in the flow itself.

The moon is a feminine symbol, reflecting the flow of time as it embodies the never-ending cycle of change. The moon phases symbolize infinity, immortality, and illumination or the dark side of nature itself.

As it governs the tides, the floods, the oceans, and the seasons, it also represents the inner awareness of human beings on Earth.

According to Vedic Astrology, the moon represents an individual's mind and feelings, and it has high personal significance to each one of us.

Sacral Chakra Symbol: Makara

There is one more element in the Tantric representation of the Svadhisthana symbol - it is Makara.

Makra is an alligator-like, water beast from Hindu mythology that hides within the crescent moon.

Makara has a long tail, symbolizing the Kundalini coil, and it is a reflection of your deep desires and animal impulses that are unconscious.


Sacral Chakra Symbol With Makara Creature


Sacral Chakra Symbol Deity: Vishnu 

The main deity of the sacral chakra is the Hindu God Vishnu. Vishnu is the preserver, the universe's immortal life-force, and the second of the Hindu Trinity (consisting of the creator Brahama and the destroyer Shiva).

Typically, Vishnu is represented with light blue skin and four arms. In each of his hands, he bears:

  • Lotus.
  • Mace (gada).
  • Conch (shankha).
  • Disc (chakra).
Vishnu Brahma Shakti - Hindu Gods

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