Hamsa Hand Meaning | What is Hamsa Hand?

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Hamsa Hand Meaning - What is Hamsa Hand

You might have seen the Hamsa hand symbol sometime in your life and wondered what does it mean?

Hamsa Hand is an ancient symbol commonly identified as a symbol of peace in the Middle East and North Africa.

Hamsa Hand symbolises Hand of God and people wear it with hand facing down or up. They are worn for good luck and to have the blessing of God for protection against all that is evil.

So, why is the Hamsa Hand so important?

Hamsa Hand is a beautiful symbol which became really popular in recent years, because it celebrates the similarities between people of many religions.

Many people nowadays see it as a sign of hope that we can all live in harmony and peace, regardless of our beliefs and religion.

What is the Meaning of Hamsa Hand?

Hamsa Hand in many cultures is normally considered to be a symbol of protection, health, wealth, courage, fertility and good luck.

The literal meaning of hamsa in the semitic group of languages is ‘five’. In some of the languages it can be spelled as khamsah, khamsa, chamsa, or hamesh in Hebrew.

Hamsa hand symbol has five fingers and the shape of the palm. Hamsa Hand is normally portrayed in two variations:
- First one has the shape of a normal hand,
- Second one has the two thumbs pointing in the opposite direction. 

Hamsa Hand is normally associated with several different religions:

  • Muslims refer to it as a Hand of Fatima, which represents Muhammad and Kahdijah daughter, Fatima Zahra. 
  • Christians call it Hand of Mary, in remembrance of the Virgin Mary.
  • In Jewish tradition, the Hamsa Hand is called Hand of Miriam, after Moses's sister Miriam.

However, in all the religions the purpose they are used for is more or less the same. They are used to ask God’s blessing, happiness, luck and good fortune.

What is the meaning of Hand with the Eye?

Some iterations of the Hamsa Hand symbol have an eye in the palm.
In fact, most of the Hamsa crafts that you will find will have this eye.
This is known as the ‘Evil Eye’.
It symbolises all the evil forces known and unknown to mankind. It is one of the most famous symbols in the world.

Now, you might wonder what this evil thing is doing in such a holy symbol?
Well, the reason you may have inferred is to protect is owner from this evil eye. 

According to very old legends and myths, people believed that evil eye brings a misfortune caused by the envy elicited by the good luck of wealthy people.

Thus, by wearing the Hamsa hand symbol, it is believed that the owner will be protected from all the malice, jealousy, false emotions and even dark magic (some of the most demonic rituals make use of this eye symbol).

Some of the oldest myths and legends 

As stated earlier, the Hamsa Hand symbol can be portrayed both, with an evil eye inside of it and without it.


Hamsa Hand Origins

According to recent archaeological research, hamsa hand symbol has been found to have its origins in the ancient Phoenicia long before it was adopted by Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Phoenicians who used to live in the coastal areas of modern day Lebanon, used the symbol of hamsa to honor their goddess of the moon - Tanit.

Tanit was was not only moon-goddess, but also a chief deity of the city of Carthage.
Worshippers of Tanit prayed with both hands open and cupped together, in order to receive a blessing of fertility.

Hamsa Hand Origins and Hamsa Hand meaning

Hamsa Hand Facing Up and Down

Symbol of Hamsa Hand can appear with fingers pointing downward or fingers pointing up.
Let's explore what are the differences between both of these variations.

Hamsa Hand Facing Down or Varada Mudra

Hamsa hand is used in this manner to develop positive emotions and to attract positive things and happiness from the world.
It is also used for the acceptance of prayers and offerings.
It is often recommended to people having a fertility problem.
Another major difference in this variation is that the fingers are somewhat closer to each other.

Hamsa Hand Facing Up or Abhaya Mudra

When the Hamsa hand is used in this manner, it brings protection from all evil to the owner.
The fingers are farther from each other to repel evils.
Hamsa hand with fingers facing upward is believed to protect you from jealousy, depression, hatred and other negative feelings.

Hamsa Hand Jewelry

The Hamsa hand symbol is normally worn in the form of Hamsa Hand bracelet and Hamsa Hand necklace or pendants. If you are looking for a perfect accessory with a Hamsa Hand to protect you from the Evil Eye try some of the items in our store.

Hamsa Bracelet

Hamsa bracelets are used to ask God’s blessing, happiness, luck and good fortune. These powerful Hamsa Bracelets will bring you lots of good luck and protect you against all that is evil.

Hamsa Necklace

Hamsa Hand necklaces are used to ask God’s blessing, happiness, luck and good fortune. By wearing the hamsa necklace, it is believed that owner will be protected from all the malice, jealousy, false emotions and even dark magic.

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