Sacred Geometry: Symbols, Patterns and Meanings Explained

Author: Jessica Tracy

Sacred Geometry Symbols Patterns

Imagine this. You're walking down the road in early winter, and it suddenly begins to snow. Tiny snowflakes fall on your jacket. Before you brush them off, a single snowflake falls on your palm.

And you suddenly notice what a wonderfully unique shape the snowflake has! It's a charming-looking geometrical pattern that almost feels mystical. 

You know what? It feels mystical because it is so.

Nature is full of such fascinating and inspiring patterns. For example, when was the last time you sat back and noticed the shape of a snail?

A snail has a one-of-a-kind spiral shell, yet similar patterns can be found in other objects in nature.

When you begin to take note of these shapes, you suddenly see them everywhere. From the branches of a tree to the star up in the clear, black night sky, the Universe suddenly seems to be filled with shapes and patterns.

And if you're wondering whether there's any spiritual meaning attached to these shapes, I'm here to tell you that there most definitely is.

These shapes that you see everywhere form a particular branch of study known as sacred geometry. Sacred geometry and its spiritual connection are too vast to be covered in one article.

But let's go through an overview of these patterns to understand better how they affect your life. And most importantly, let's see how you can use sacred geometry symbols and patterns for your spiritual upliftment.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Do you remember Mathematics classes in high school? Geometry was one of the most loved and most hated topics, wasn't it?

That's probably when you learned what geometry means. And if you've forgotten, here's a quick refresher.

Geometry is a field of mathematics that deals with the characteristics and relationships of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and their higher-dimensional counterparts.

Measurements in geometry begin with points and lines and later take up various shapes such as triangles, squares, circles, and so on. Anything that has a shape can be classified into one of the geometrical patterns.

Well, that's good to know. Geometry is a measurement of shapes. But what makes it sacred?


Well, certain shapes and patterns that we see repeatedly around us in nature are part of sacred geometry.

They are sacred because they form the very basis of life, of creation. Everything that has been created has a geometrical pattern.

And you see them everywhere, from the cornea of your eye to the distant planet over the horizon. They are even present at the microscopic and cellular levels.

The repeated nature of these patterns and shapes is mathematical and scientific proof that the universe was created by a source of common energy. In short, these sacred geometry patterns tell us that all you see around you (or don't see) is unified, or one.

Everything is connected with energy that has radiated from the Absolute. These are cosmic patterns that indicate that the Universe is woven with a mathematical model.

And that's why these patterns are sacred. And that's why delving into them can help you understand your higher self and the unifying link you have with everything else that exists.

The concept of sacred geometry is quite old. The cosmic patterns and equations have been seen in civilizations as old as the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians.

And they have been used in various man-made structures since. These structures include the mighty pyramids, old temples, churches, and other places of worship.

Their common goal has always been to take the human soul closer to the higher power and unify it with the divine.

Platonic Solids in Sacred Geometry

To understand sacred geometry better, let's look at the building blocks of the shapes we see around us. These shapes are called platonic solids.

Platonic solids are nothing but three-dimensional solid shapes with straight edges and flat faces. These shapes are also called polyhedrons.

So, why the name platonic?

Remember the great philosopher Plato? He tried to make a connection between the five elements of the earth and these five solid shapes.

The elements include air, water, earth, fire, and ether.

Other ancient cultures have also represented these five shapes again and again in their scriptures. So, what are these five platonic solids and what do they stand for?

Let's take a look.

Platonic Solids


This shape consists of 4 triangles and represents fire. This fire helps you see things as they are. It throws light on certain aspects of your spiritual being so that you may accept what's been done and start fresh.

It provides your mind the much-needed balance that you may need when moving on to something new.


A hexahedron is a 6-sided solid or a cube that represents the earth. Because it carries in itself the vibrations of the earth, the shape is commonly used for grounding.

If you're stressed and need to connect back to your roots, the cube is your guide. It helps you calm yourself through the energies of Mother Earth.


An octahedron has 8 sides and is connected to air. Much like air brings everything together and fills up space, this shape can help you heal from within.

Your inner and outer worlds merge with this shape, and you can learn to have more compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance for yourself as well as for others.


This 12-sided structure is connected to ether. And what it does is that it helps to lift your soul to higher consciousness.

Often used in meditation, the frequency of this shape guides you to connect to the higher powers and the divine bliss by providing a path of ascension for your soul.


This platonic solid has 20 sides and is represented as water. Due to its aquatic character, this shape encourages you to go with the flow of life and let go of your fears.

In other words, you can let your emotions flow freely and remove negativities and blockages in the path of creating something new in your life.


Most Popular Sacred Geometry Symbols

So, now you know what the basic building blocks or the platonic solids are. But what about so many other shapes that we repeatedly come across. Is there any meaning attached to them?

Well, of course, there is. Here are those most popular sacred geometry symbols and their meanings:

Seed of Life

 Seed of Life Symbol Sacred Geometry Pattern

The Seed of Life is a symbol of creation, which indicates the beginning of life and the consciousness of God. As soon as you hear the name of this pattern, you'll realize its significance and purpose.

The Seed of Life is formed by the arrangement of 6 overlapping circles. These six circles will always fit perfectly around a 7th circle of the same size.

Seven circles form a connection with our 7 core chakras. This pattern may be duplicated in six different directions to form an interconnecting net of circles and rosettes.

When the seed of life is replicated in different directions, it transforms into the Flower of Life, which we're going to talk about next.

Flower of Life

Flower of Life Symbol Sacred Geometry Pattern

When you continue to expand the seed of life and connect 19 evenly-spaced circles, the resultant shape is the Flower of Life.

The flower of Life symbol is always made up of 19 overlapping and linked circles. It begins in one circle, and all other circles are created around it. You start by creating one circle and then draw all the other circles around it until you reach the end.

Many people consider the Flower of Life as a symbol that reflects the creation cycle. The first circle represents the origin of all life and consciousness.

Flower of Life is 6,000 years old, and it holds vital information about the origins of the Universe and all living beings. It's also a symbol of spiritual awakening.

Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra Symbol Sacred Geometry Pattern

One of the oldest mystic symbols in existence, Sri Yantra has been around for more than 12,000 years. The design of the Sri Yantra is based on the number 1.1618, also known as the Golden Proportion.

The yantra is one of the contemplation and meditation tools utilized by Tantra practitioners, who believe that a yantra is a symbol of cosmic oneness.

Yantras are also mystical representations of deities that can serve as protective shields against negative energies.

You can read more about the meaning of Sri Yantra in this article on our blog.

Metatron's Cube

Metatrone Cube Symbol Sacred Geometry Pattern

This shape consists of 13 circles, whose centers are connected by straight lines. The resultant pattern looks like two stars embedded in a hexagon.

The Metatron's Cube contains every geometric shape that has ever been in the Universe. It is believed to be God's geometric map for constructing the Universe.

When you look closely, you might notice the existence of Platonic Solids within the Metatron's Cube symbol. They are the fundamental elements of all physical matter.

The philosopher Plato linked them to the spirit realm of heaven and the physical elements on Earth, giving them the name Platonic Solids. From crystals to human DNA, such three-dimensional forms may be found everywhere throughout existence.

Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis Symbol Sacred Geometry Pattern

The Vesica Piscis is well known in the West as the Christian emblem of Jesus. The symbol, however, is thousands of years older than Christianity (it is known as the Mandorla in the East and Africa), and it appears in many other cultures.

The literal meaning of these two words is the 'fish bladder.' The geometrical design of the Vesica Pisces is both simple and elegant.

Vesica Piscis symbol is formed by the intersection of two circles of equal radius, with the center of one circle on the circumference of the other. The overlapped part resembles a fish or an almond.

Vesica Piscis represents the union of opposite energies to symbolize harmony and oneness. It is also a symbol of femininity, birth, and sexuality since it resembles the shape of a female vagina.

Torus Yantra

Torus Yantra Symbol Sacred Geometry Pattern

Torus Yantra has a central axis that is connected to vortexes on both ends. It's believed that energy flows through one vortex and comes out of another and then goes back into the first vortex.

Thus, the shape represents a constant flow of energy. It shows how a balanced form of energy flows throughout all beings and beyond.

When our human existence is in harmony and we are happy with our actions, we are cycling energy in a toroidal way.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life Symbol Sacred Geometry

The Tree of Life is a symbol of oneness and unity that represents the interconnectedness of all life on Earth.

We are all a part of something greater, even though we are all going in different directions.

The Tree of Life also symbolizes a link to our ancestors. It represents your family through an extensive network of branches and portrays a journey that spans generations, with numerous branches connecting you to your parents and ancestors.

How You Can Benefit from Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is everywhere. From the fallen leaves of an autumn day to the revolution of the earth around the sun, everything follows a pattern.

These patterns can help uplift your soul by just being there. But you'll get more out of them if you harness their energy.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to take a walk among nature. Notice all the shapes around you as you walk through a forest.

The shapes could be as tiny as a small flower or as large as the proliferating branches of an aged tree. Immerse yourself in the shapes and try to form a union with all beings.

Another simple yet enjoyable way to experience the boons of sacred geometry is through music. Not just any music but music that has been specially curated keeping the sacred sounds in mind. Sound baths are a way to tune into these specific vibrations.

And finally, there's always meditation. Imagine yourself sitting amid a sacred shape. It could be a pyramid with the apex positioned above your head.

As you meditate, feel yourself completely absorbed into the shape of the pyramid and your energies lifting upwards into the apex. Continue meditating to find that place where you experience nothing but oneness with the universe and the higher consciousness.


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