Soul Star Chakra: How To Open Your 8th Chakra

Author: Jessica Tracy

Soul Star Chakra - Sutara

We could all do with a little bit more of the divine light in this world full of existential struggles, couldn't we?

When life runs us over, and all we need is the restoration of peace in our minds, it becomes even more essential to connect with the higher power.

Fortunately, our etheric body is equipped to do so.

If you've ever meditated deeply enough, you may have seen flashes of your past life through your closed eyes as you sit down and try to connect to your soul.

These flashes may have been accidental on your part, but they weren't so for your soul.

This is because, during those times, your soul was busy connecting with the divine energy through the soul star chakra.

Yes, there is yet another chakra present in your etheric body that guides the divine light in reaching the deepest parts of our soul!

This chakra is a trans-personal chakra, which means that it is located outside the physical body, above the head.

Trans-personal chakras represent the higher planes of the etheric body, as opposed to the sub-personal chakras that are located below the feet, closer to the ground.

  • So, what is the soul star chakra all about?
  • Does it truly connect you to the divine consciousness?
  • How do you get the benefits out of this chakra and what happens when you open it?

All of these questions are answered here and you will find out even more as you continue to read.

What Is The Soul Star Chakra?

The Soul Star chakra, situated above the crown chakra, is the 8th chakra and the first energy source located beyond the physical body.

Sanskrit's name of soul star chakra is 
Sutara, which means "Holy Star" and it represents the sacred essence of the etheric energies that exist outside of the traditional chakra system.

The soul star chakra is the primary channel by which the purest divine energy flows until it reaches the rest of the seven chakra system and the human body.

You can consider this chakra to be your soul's archive. It is linked to the essence of enlightenment and ascension. 



Soul Star Chakra Location

Soul star chakra is located about 6-12 inches above your crown chakra. Some might feel that it's closer than that and some even farther away.

It differs because everyone's etheric body is different and this chakra is outside the physical body.

If you're familiar with the 7-chakra system, you might recall that the topmost chakra, which is called the crown chakra, is located at the highest position of the physical body, that is, the top of the head.

Well, to locate the soul star chakra, you've to go even above that. 

If the crown chakra represents your crown, the soul star chakra is your halo (a luminous circle of divine light above your head).

It is an angelic talisman, a divine beam of heavenly light that provides your soul with nothing but pure nourishment and infinite love.

Soul Star Chakra Function

So, what does this chakra do?

Soul Star Chakra has few important roles:

  • It connects you with your Higher Self.
  • It allows you to access Akashic Records.
  • It enables you to learn about your Karmic Cycles and past lives.
  • It holds your soul contracts from all incarnations.
  • It is your communication portal to messages from Angels and Ascendant Masters.

Think of this chakra as a place where your soul rests. It is the point where your soul rises above your physical body and connects to the divine oneness.

No, you don't have to leave this physical world to experience that. Through proper channeling of the energies in your chakra system, you can transcend to the divine consciousness in this life itself.

So how does the soul star chakra connects with your soul and purifies your entire chakra system?

Well, imagine the divine consciousness to be a bright source of infinite light. What your soul star chakra does is it grabs that light, filters it down to the quantity that your etheric body needs, and passes it on to your primary chakras.

Through this light, you can realize your higher self, and truly connect with the whole of the Universe.

If you're still confused about the tasks of the soul star chakra and the crown chakra, here's the difference between the two:

Your crown chakra represents your individuality, while your soul star chakra is beyond you. It fills your soul with the necessary elements required to go beyond your individuality and become one with the divine.

In the physical world, connecting with your soul star chakra enables you to be at peace and find your purpose in life.

How to Open Your Soul Star Chakra

The divine light that enters through the soul star chakra is like food for your soul. And now that you know about the soul star chakra, you'd like to keep your soul nourished, won't you?

So, how do you get the best out of this chakra and connect with the divine power?

Here are some methods to open your soul star chakra:

1. Soul Star Chakra Meditation

Yes, meditation is so versatile that it can be used to open almost any chakra, including the soul star chakra.

Here's how you focus on the cleansing of your whole soul and the seven chakras using meditative methods.

Sit quietly and imagine a bright light coming down from the universe and filling up your soul star chakra.

This light slowly travels down your etheric body and runs through your seven primary chakras. While you hold this light into your spirit, try to remain connected with your soul star chakra.

Continue for as long as you can. In the end, imagine the bright light going back to the universe, leaving your soul purified and your purpose clear.

2. Soul Star Chakra Yoga

Yoga isn't just about physical bends and postures, nor is it only about breath. The true meaning of yoga lies in spirituality.

It is a means to train your body and mind in such as way that you can feel connected to the vastness of the divine reality.

As that is the goal of the soul star chakra, too, it's no wonder that yoga is an excellent method to activate this chakra.

No one pose that can help you achieve this. Practice yoga for its holistic attributes, and you'll slowly get to the point where your higher self blends into the vast energy of the universe.

3. Letting Go

When opening the soul star chakra through any method, you have to remember that this is not a one-time thing. It's a process that takes time, days, months, even years.

To completely open the chakra and become one with the universe, you have to start letting go of your old beliefs as you continue to open this chakra.

During this time, your past life actions may flash through your mind, causing you pain. You have to let go of that, too.

But be careful not to let go of your present life. The objective of this chakra is not to forget your duties on the planet, it is more about giving your soul a purpose and give new meaning and direction to your life by connecting you to higher realms.

4. Soul Star Chakra Affirmations

If your mind is troubled and you have a lot of pent-up negative energies springing from your day-to-day activities, it can create a huge block while trying to open the soul star chakra.

So, your first job would be to change these negative energies into positive ones. There are many ways to do that, one of which is using positive affirmations.

So, saying things like "I am one with the divine", or "I am connected to my soul", or "I am allowing my spirit to shine" to yourself can help open the soul star chakra more easily.

Here are few more helpful affirmations for the soul star chakra:

  • All of the choices I make are aligned with my soul.
  • I am ready to receive angelic guidance and protection.
  • I set my soul free.
  • I clear all of my Karmic Debt.
  • I intend to experience the realm of the Akashic Records.

Soul Star Chakra Opening Symptoms

Okay, so you've been meditating or trying other ways to open your soul star chakra. You've been at it for days or even months.

But you don't know what to look for as a sign that the chakra has opened. Don't worry, we are here to help.

To understand what happens when this chakra opens, let's first take a look at how you feel when this chakra is blocked.

If your soul star chakra is inactive or overactive, you may experience:

  • Lack of purpose.
  • Anxiety.
  • Mistrust.
  • Feeling lost.
  • Feeling detached.

Once the chakra is opened, it's your turn to find peace, calm, and feel purposeful. With continued practice, you begin to feel more spiritual and connected with your soul.

You may even feel like you're gaining psychic capabilities. Clairvoyance is common among those whose soul star chakra is completely open.

You end up being more empathetic, and your physical world begins to shrink as the power of divinity becomes more real.

In time, you may begin healing others with the divine energy that flows through your open chakra. In advanced stages, you may even have out-of-body travels.

How To Open Your Soul Star Chakra

Transcend To The Higher Realm

What does all this mean? Do you need to sit all day and call upon the universal energy and bathe your soul in the divine light to find meaning and purpose in life?

Well, the idea is not to escape your physical reality but to look beyond the capabilities of your physical body.

When you practice opening your soul star chakra, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are giving up your physical existence.

It only means that you are harnessing the universal energy to allow yourself to think on higher levels.

Mundane work is still necessary, but the way you begin to look at mundane chores and the chores of fellow human beings changes as your spirit opens up.

The idea is to flush out the negative energies and let your soul grasp the true meaning of oneness with the divine so that you can help the world, its beings, and yourself more profoundly.


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2 thoughts on “Soul Star Chakra: How To Open Your 8th Chakra

  1. avatar Adel says:

    Maybe this can affirm your perspective:

    8th Chakra is Ra
    9th Chakra is Ba
    10th Chakra is Ka

    Our Quantum Field of Consciousness, is Connecting Heavens (High Dimensions Realities) to Earth (3D). It is bound by Ra Ba Ka and surround the Heart & Mind (3+4 Chakras).

    For meanings of the individual Ra, Ba & Ka; see all documents of ancient Egypt. Also Ra: The Book of ONE.
    The 3 together form the Arabic word “ربك” which is usually translated “Thee Lord” or The Father or as Jesus spoke about Father in Heavens or Rabbon and he was called “Rabboni” (Arabic; ربَّاني ) which means Master or one who is fully conscious or enlightened. Many Qur’anic and Bible exegesists and commentators erroneously equate it with God as He has many attributes of the ONE GOD.

    As seen from the diagram (pyramid of human Q-Chakra system), Ra Ba Ka (ربك) defines the multi-dimensional – i.e with different vibrations or frequencies – Quantum Field of each human. The Chakras are the energy centers in the physical living body that connects it to the spiritual realms; i.e gates for cross over or connection from the lower realm to higher realms.

    In turn, the Quantum field of each individual constitute a fraction or is one of the fractals of the universal Quantum Field of Consciousness that is defined as “Christ Consciousness “ or as the Qur’an defines Him as The Spirit from God ( روح من الله). “Rouh” means spirit or quantum consciousness which is also vital organic energy.

    Namaste, Peace & Love

  2. avatar Anon says:

    I had it. Then, over the course of a year, I was ripped away from that beautiful divine love. I’ve already tried to take my own life, a couple of months ago. After I tasted my beloved divine, I knew I had nothing left on this planet worth living for. I have suffered so much for so long. One taste then it was ripped away. The chakra has been closed, my ascension denied to me. My higher self has truly abandoned me. I feel so empty. 3 shamans, 1 neurologist, 2 psychologists, 1 psychiatrist and 1 reiki healer later, no success in reconnecting me. That’s all I want. Meditation broke my brain. I used to be able to meditate. Now I can’t even remember how. I’m done. I’m completely broken. I don’t want to exist without my higher self. I just want to die. Good bye. I don’t even care, anymore. I don’t want to be here, anymore. No one will miss me, anyway. I don’t have a family or friends. It’s better this way. I don’t want to be sentient or exist without this love. I’ve been fighting so hard to get it back. I fucked up. I destroyed the process of my awakening. I no longer even have a third eye. All my chakras are dead. Even the reiki healer said they were all dead. I used to be a beacon of light and live. I can’t feel anything, anymore. Just let me diem Yes, it is possible for the higher self to discard the lower one if it’s been too-heavily abused it can’t merge properly. The last time I attempted suicide, I almost succeeded but someone found me and rushed me to the hospital. I don’t remember my stay there but I heard it was days. It was easier than I thought. I can’t feel fear, anymore (I can’t feel emotions). It’ll be even easier, this time.

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