Tree of Life Meaning & Symbolism – What is Tree of Life

Author: Jessica Tracy

Tree of Life Meaning and Symbolism – What is Tree of Life

Tree of Life symbolism is quite old and it has been used in a number of civilizations for a long time.

All across the world, the tree of life has been depicted in art, architecture, and iconography.

Each culture has its own interpretation of this symbol, yet there are certain similar threads that run through them all.

In this post, we're going to discuss the true meaning and symbolism of this ancient symbol.

Tree of Life Meaning

The Tree of Life is a symbol of oneness and unity that represents how all life on Earth is interconnected.

Despite the fact that we are all wandering out in different directions, we are all a part of something bigger.

A tree's roots reach deep into the soil, acknowledging, connecting and accepting nourishment from Mother Earth. This implies that you are neither an island nor alone in the world.

Tree of Life also represents a connection to your ancestors. It symbolizes your family through an intricate network of branches and depicts a journey spanning generation that are connected through various branches to your parents and ancestors. 


Tree of Life: Growth & Strength

The Tree of Life symbolizes growth as well as strength. As a young tree, it starts with roots that are quite shallow but these roots will then strengthen and go deeper into the earth.

It will sprout branches that grow in an upward direction and will be reaching for the sky.

People are similar to trees in that they grow stronger with the passage of time and they are also always striving for new knowledge as well as fresh experiences. 

Celtic Tree of Life & Mother Nature

Celtic people have always had a deep connection to Mother Nature and more particularly towards trees.

Trees for them were not an inanimate object but it provided them with a spiritual connection to their ancestors as well as to deities and to the Celtic Otherworld.

In fact, the Tree of Life evolution has grown with the passage of time. Celtic people have a tradition of clearing pieces of land and leaving one large tree in the center, because they believed that the tree’s special powers would take good care of people on the Earth.

They called this tree the Crann Bethadh and it is believed to be so powerful that cutting the tree would render the Celts powerless in front of their enemies.

This Celtic Tree of Life meaning has significance and in fact, it has been passed on through the Irish country where they decorate the trees with ribbons.

The Celtic Tree of Life meaning is symbolized in the earth’s nourishing powers and it connects Celts to their ancestors and to the spirit world.

It also symbolizes an interconnection between heaven and earth as well as every living being on the planet.

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