What is The Meaning of OM Symbol?

Author: Jessica Tracy

What is The Meaning of OM Symbol

OM is sacred symbol that was originally born in Hinduism and adopted by few other religions such as Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism.

OM is also the most important seed mantra (or in Sanskrit bija mantra), which resonates the most with the energy of our 7th chakra (crown chakra).

OM is the sound that resonates within the cosmos and is a representation of the creator. It is believed that before OM there was only an empty void  and from the vibration of the Om sound, the entire universe was manifested.

Hindus associate it with their Lord Ganesha, as OM is said to be the physical form of their God.

But wait, why do you see this sacred symbol everywhere in gyms, yoga centres, on wearables, jewelry, clothes or stickers?

It is because this symbol is directly related to peace, meditation and spirituality. Just try saying the word ‘Om’ yourself, and you will see that it has a calming sense to it.

The Simple Meaning of AUM

In the word 'Om', the letter ‘O’ sounds like ‘AU’, and that’s why it is often represented as that. It is often represented regarding three-time steps:

  • Letter ‘A’ represents the waking state
  • Letter ‘U’ represents the dream state
  • Letter ‘M’ represents the state of deep sleep.

After chanting these letters, there is a pause or silence at the end.
This silence also represents a state which is known as infinite consciousness.

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OM in Meditation

There is a special meditation technique where this mantra is chanted 108 times.
Entire practice combines breathing to the rhythm of sound in order to create vibrations that flow within your body.
Thus, relaxing your mind, body and soul and allowing you to enhance your focus.

You can use Mala Prayer Beads for the purpose of this meditation

OM meditation includes sitting in the upright position, breathing slowly, chanting the seed mantra OM and progressing through the 108 beads on the mala.

You can learn more about the Meaning of Mala Prayer Beads and how to use them correctly in this post.

OM Mantra Chanting Benefits

The ‘AUM’ mantra consists of three syllables. As you chant these syllables, you feel certain calming vibrations within your body.
They embody the eternal energy which represents creation, preservation and liberation.

By doing this your mind relaxes, your heart rate becomes stable, your blood pressure decreases, and you feel refreshed. You feel closer to your true nature and feel thankful to the Creator for all the blessings.

You begin to appreciate all the things around you.

Try incorporating chanting this mantra at the start and end of your yoga session for even deeper effect.

OM Symbol Jewelry

OM symbol jewelry is available in a variety of forms such as bracelets or necklaces. Many people like to wear it in the form of a bracelet as a reminder about their spiritual practice.

It can be a powerful tool to quiet your mind and connect you with the vibration of pure consciousness.

OM Symbol Jewelery

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