What is The Meaning of OM Symbol?

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OM Symbol Meaning

OM is a sacred symbol born in Hinduism and adopted by few other religions such as Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism.

OM is also the most important seed mantra (or in Sanskrit bija mantra), which resonates with the energy of your 6th (third eye chakra) and 7th chakra (crown chakra).

OM is the sound that vibrates within the cosmos and it is a representation of the Creator. It is believed that before OM there was only an empty void, and from the vibration of the OM sound, the entire universe was manifested.

OM is also known as 'Shabdha Brahman' ('God as Sound' or 'God as Vibration'), and it was first documented in the Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures) in India between 1500 and 1000 BCE.

Hindus associate it with their Lord Ganesha, as OM is said to be the physical form of their God. The shape of this symbol loosely represents his elephant form.

But wait, why do you see this sacred symbol everywhere in yoga centers, on clothes, jewelry, or stickers?

It's because this sign is linked to spirituality, meditation, and peace. 

The vibration of OM resonates throughout the entire body, infusing it with serenity and vitality. Chanting OM relaxes the body, calms the nervous system, and relaxes the mind.

The Simple Meaning of AUM

The letter 'O' in the word 'OM' sounds like the letter 'AU', which is why it's commonly written that way. Each of these letters has a unique meaning:

  • Letter ‘A’ represents the waking state
  • Letter ‘U’ represents the dream state
  • Letter ‘M’ represents the state of deep sleep.

After chanting these letters, there is a pause or silence at the end.
This silence also represents a state which is known as infinite consciousness.

OM Symbol Meaning

OM symbol is made up of several elements, including three curves, a semicircle on top, and a dot directly above it. 

There are various interpretations of the sign, so let's look at some of the most popular ones:

  • Waking State (Jagartha) - it is represented by the lower, larger arc. In this state, awareness is oriented outwards, and the world is experienced via the five senses. It is the most common state of consciousness for humans.
  • Dream State (Swapna) - between deep sleep and waking state is the dream state, which is represented by the right, middle curve of the symbol. During the dream state, the dreamer's consciousness is focused inward, and he or she perceives a world hidden behind the closed eyes.
  • Unconscious State (Sushupti) - the upper curve represents a state of deep sleep in which the sleeper is subconsciously shut off, wanting nothing and having no desires.
  • Illusion (Maya) - there is a semicircle above the three curved arcs that represents Maya and separates the dot from the curves. The illusion of Maya is what keeps us from attaining the ultimate level of bliss. The semicircle is open and does not contact the dot, which implies that the Maya prevents you from achieving your ultimate goal of enlightenment.
  • The Absolute State (Turiya) - the consciousness looks neither outwards nor inwards in this state. The ultimate objective of all spiritual work is to achieve this completely calm, serene, and blissful state.

OM Symbol Meaning

OM in Meditation

There is a special meditation technique where this mantra is chanted 108 timesThe entire practice combines breathing with the rhythm of sound to create vibrations that flow within your body.

This method relaxes your mind, body, and soul and allowing you to enhance your focus. You can use Mala Prayer Beads for this meditation

OM meditation includes sitting in the upright position, breathing slowly, chanting the seed mantra OM and progressing through the 108 beads on the mala.

You can learn more about the Meaning of Mala Prayer Beads and how to use them correctly in this post.


OM Chanting Benefits

OM is more than just a sound; it's a cosmic wave. OM is a profound sound that we all have within of us. 

Let's have a look at some of the biggest benefits of chanting this powerful mantra:

  • OM creates spiritual awareness by connecting you to your activities on a deeper level.
  • Chanting OM relaxes your mind, stabilizes your heart rate, and decreases your blood pressure. The vibration of OM puts your mind into a calm, meditative state.
  • OM brings you closer to your true nature and allows you to feel thankful to the Creator for all the blessings in your life. You begin to appreciate all the things around you.
  • OM assists you in connecting with your true essence.
  • The sound of OM signals the start and end of any spiritual practice. For a more profound impact, try reciting this mantra at the beginning and end of your yoga session.
  • Chanting OM teaches you patience, concentration, and endurance.
  • Chanting OM is beneficial to your physical health. It can strengthen your immune system and clear any blockages in your sinuses.

    We chant OM to reach a state of bliss in which we are not only at one with the universe, but also feel like a personal embodiment of cosmic truth, peace, and harmony.

    As you chant this beautiful mantra, you will feel calming vibrations within your body. They embody the eternal energy which represents creation, preservation, and liberation.


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