Earth Star Chakra: 7 Ways To Open Vasundhara

Author: Jessica Tracy

Earth Star Chakra: Vasundhara

Contemporary life is extremely fast-paced, filled with gadgets, and there's almost no time to connect with nature.

It's no wonder that we have forgotten to remain grounded and connected to the very planet on which we live.

As a result, most of us have lost the power to stay balanced, and our health suffers.

Grounding is not a new concept, though. If you browse through human history, you may be surprised to find that our ancestors didn't wear shoes most of the time.

They walked barefoot around a lot on grounds that weren't cemented. And it's no secret that they didn't suffer from as many lifestyle illnesses as we do today.

So, how does grounding happen in the ethereal plane?

It all comes down to a very unique chakra, called the Earth Star Chakra (Vasundhara). Yes, there are other chakras apart from the seven core ones that you may have heard of.

The earth star chakra is one of those chakras that are located outside the body. It belongs to the group of sub-personal chakras, which are those energy points that are present below the feet.

There's also another group of chakras above the head, which are also outside the body, and they are called trans-personal chakras.

But for now, let's talk more about the earth star chakra. Read on to know more about this chakra, how to open it, and what happens when it's opened.

What Is The Earth Star Chakra?

Earth star chakra represents each human being’s bond and connection with the planet Earth.

It is your oldest spiritual home and the closest link to your past lives. Vasundhara, which literally translates to "Daughter of the Earth," is the Sanskrit name of the earth star chakra.

The earth star chakra is believed to be located 12 to 18 inches below the soles of your feet, although some people may feel it to be closer, at around 6-7 inches below their feet.

Like all other chakras, you cannot see it as it is located in your etheric body, not the physical one. But you can sense it, and with practice, you become aware of where it is located for you.



Earth Star Chakra Function

So, what does this chakra do?

Well, do you ever feel that through daily activities you have all of these pent-up negative energies within your body that give rise to anxiety, mood swings, depression, and long-term illnesses?

If yes, it is time to find stability by dispelling all of this negative energy by grounding. And what helps you achieve that? That's right, the earth star chakra.

This chakra helps you connect to Mother Earth, also known as Gaia, in such a way that your negative energies are absorbed by her and she gives you back her positive energy, which in turn helps you find balance and calmness.

In doing so, your etheric body forms this immovable bond with Mother Earth, so much so that eventually you begin to grow a much stronger connection to the planet Earth and all humanity.

You then devise ways to help heal the planet and also the rest of humankind. You feel safe, refueled, and ready to take on the challenges of the physical world.

The earth star chakra also functions as a very important anchor. It gives the etheric and astral bodies a sense of equilibrium and interconnectivity.

All of the karmic issues can be resolved and forgiven through the earth star chakra, enabling the soul to transcend the karmic loop.

Once all of the karmic burdens have been resolved, all subsequent reincarnations are voluntary, with clear memory of the soul's intent.

The earth star chakra works closely with the root chakra (Muladhara) to provide stability to the entire chakra system.

Consequently, you feel one with nature, replenished, with a sense of being rooted, both physically and spiritually. 

Earth Star Chakra Color

Those who can see auras view the earth star chakra color as black, gray, brown, or magenta. Brown is a deeply grounding color, which represents strength, resilience, and reliability.

The earth star chakra becomes more unbalanced as it gets darker. It is more balanced if it is seen as vibrant magenta, and just like any other chakra, it may become overactive.

Earth Star Chakra Symbol

Earth star chakra is represented by the symbol of Star Tetrahedron, also known as Merkaba. The star tetrahedron geometric shape can be created by the intersection of 2 pyramids, making a perfect, 3-dimensional (six-sided) star hexagram.

The Merkaba symbol represents the potential we can all achieve when we combine our resources in the pursuit of connection and spiritual growth. It is also believed that Merkaba can offer us protection during ascension to the higher dimensions.

Earth Star Chakra Symbol Meaning

How Do You Open the Earth Star Chakra?

Alright, so now you know what the earth star chakra is and why it's important. But now you may be thinking, how do I go about working with this chakra?

Or, you're probably wondering, if this chakra is not even within the body, is there even a way to open it?

The answer is "yes". Several tried and tested methods exist for you to try and develop stronger bond with Mother Earth.

Here are a few well-established ones:

1. Earthing

As grounding and connecting to the earth is the main objective of this chakra, it is no surprise that earthing is one of the most practiced techniques to achieve the goal.

So, how do you practice earthing?

Well, the best way is to take a walk outside barefooted. It is better if you walk on natural earth instead of concrete pavements. But of course, not all kinds of climes permit such outdoor ventures every day.

Not a big deal. You can practice earthing at home, too.

Simply rest your feet on the floor of your house that is closest to the ground and take deep breaths. Feel your feet connecting with Gaia as your feet touch the earth.

2. Earth Star Chakra Meditation

Again, this is best practiced outside, but you can do it at your home as well.

Sit in a lotus position and close your eyes. Imagine energy flowing from the top of your head through all your chakras, and finally moving down to your feet.

Continue to imagine the energy flowing through your earth star chakra and into the core of the earth, thus forming a deep bond between your soul and that of Mother Earth.

Let the energy stabilize itself in your visualization as it reaches the core of the planet. That's when you begin to feel the balance and the oneness with nature.

3. Earth Star Chakra Yoga Poses

Certain yoga postures such as the Mountain Pose, also called Tadasana, can help you open your earth star chakra.

To practice the mountain pose, you must stand upright, with your knees slightly bent forwards, your feet together but your toes separate, your neck aligned with your spine, your shoulders firmly held back, and your palms open and facing forward.

Take deep breaths as you hold this position for a few minutes.

4. Earth Frequency

You read that right! The earth has a frequency. It's 68.05 Hz. When you listen to sounds of this frequency, your earth star chakra begins to open up and connect to our planet.

How do you listen to this frequency?

There are tons of posts on YouTube where sounds are played at this frequency. It's just like tuning in to a radio station.

Just have one of them play in the background while you take your walk amid nature.

5. Reflexology for Earth Star Chakra

As this particular chakra lies beneath the feet, it is but inevitable that your feet should be the gateway through which the chakra is opened and the connection with Gaia occurs.

To ensure that all the pores underneath your feet are open, you must maintain clarity in the portals of your feet.

The best way to do this is reflexology-based foot massage. Massages ease the tension in your feet and unblock pores to allow easy flow of energy onto the earth star chakra.

6. Earth Star Chakra Affirmations

Try saying out lout some of the following affirmations:

  • My energy is completely grounded and stable
  • I connect with the healing energy of Mother Earth
  • I am grounded and supported by Mother Earth
  • The energy of Earth flows through me and recharges me
  • I am open to receive Mother Earth’s powerful energy
  • I release all negativity, unwanted emotions, and negative behaviors into Mother Earth

7. Earth Star Chakra Stones & Crystals

The most effective crystals to trigger the earth star chakra are darker in colour. The crystals listed below are outstanding for curing, balancing, and stimulating your earth star chakra:

  • Black Obsidian - it helps with energy flow, courage, self-confidence, decision-making, clarity and grounding. It is a powerful cleansing stone that has amazing grounding and protective properties. Black Obsidian can help you to release any negative emotions such as fear, stress, and anger.
  • Black Tourmaline - it helps with tension release, energy flow, self-confidence, overcoming fear, protection and grounding. It is a powerful stone of protection and one of the best shields against negative energies. Black tourmaline is also a great grounding and empowerment stone, which can help you to overcome challenging situations in life and establish a better connection with Earth's energy. This stone is very often used in cleansing and purification rituals.
  • Red Jasper - it helps with self-confidence, self-trust, courage, grounding, stability and energy flow. Red Jasper is a magic stone of grounding and stability, providing you with comfort, security, strength, and balance. Red Jasper will help you to reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies by creating a stable frequency that matches earth star chakra.

Earth Star Chakra Stones Crystals Gemstones

Earth Star Chakra Opening Symptoms

Now you know of several methods to open the chakra, and you've begun to practice one or more of them.

But how do know they're working?

Is there anything in your etheric body that lets you understand the subtle benefits of the opening of the earth star chakra?

Yes! And this is because the benefits that your etheric body experiences are translated to your physical body and mind.

So, you can truly "see" and "feel" the symptoms.

But before we get into the symptoms of the opening of the chakra, let's look at what happens when this chakra is blocked. In many cases the symptoms are varied. You may experience:

  • Instability and lack of balance in whatever you do.
  • Eating disorder.
  • Blood circulation issues.
  • Phobias.
  • Lack of safety.

When the earth star chakra opens, it cleanses the energy and gives you an overall feeling of security, happiness, and calmness.

You begin to feel positive about life and enjoy its little pleasures.

You also feel more stable in your approaches towards life and thus an anxiety reduction is possible.

You experience gratitude and feel blissful. Gradually, these sensations transcend to the depths of your soul and you find the true meaning of your existence on this planet.

Earth Star Chakra Opening Sympotoms

Balance is the Key to Happiness

When life turns topsy-turvy, and you feel like your mind is all over the place, with constant stressors, a dynamic lifestyle, and the use of so many artificial devices, it becomes crucial to regain the lost balance of the mind of the soul.

Thankfully, the solution is a simple connection that you need to make with the planet you live on, via the goodness of the earth star chakra.

Channeling your negative energies back to the Earth through this chakra is your path to a balanced soul and body.

Not just that, some experts also believe that when opened effectively, this chakra can connect you to your past lives.

Of course, that requires advanced training under a skilful practitioner.

But even in this life, the earth star chakra is your key to resolving past issues and looking at the future with revived energy and stability, which ultimately open the door to lifelong health and happiness.


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