Best Natural Home Remedy For Smooth Skin

Author: Jessica Tracy

Are you tired of getting zero results from expensive anti-aging creams?
It is easy to spend a small fortune on lotions and potions aimed at minimizing wrinkles!

Did you also know that bombarding your skin cells with harsh chemicals manufactured by pharmaceutical companies might have counterproductive effects in the long run?

But what most people don’t know is that nature always has a perfect remedy in store for us - it's called Jade Stone and its typical green color is associated with Heart Chakra

The Chinese have been using Jade as a healing element long before the Jade Roller was introduced. Jade Rollers are not only very effective, they are inexpensive too. 

So don't spend excessive amounts of money on counterproductive poisonous commercial and learn how Jade Roller can help you to achieve the results you desire!

Why You Need a Jade Roller?

Simply because it does everything you would want from an expensive facial treatment!
Just take a look at the list of benefits you can get from this amazing, little tool:

  • Reduce wrinkles on face and neck naturally
  • Remove wrinkles under eyes
  • Enhance, improve and regain elasticity of the skin
  • Promote tightening and toning of facial muscles
  • Improve blood circulation and skin tone
  • Improve circulation and oxygen flow
  • Tighten and reduce pore size
  • Eliminate toxins from the skin and reduce the stress and inflammation
  • Reduce puffiness and dark circles around eyes
  • Improve sinus conditions and congestion.
  • Boost collagen production

Jade Roller Anti Wrinkle Natural Treatment

What does the Jade Roller do?

Jade Roller stimulates all meridian points in the face. In exactly the same way that a deep tissue session can leave your body feeling relaxed and refreshed, facial massage helps give your overworked facial muscles a little break which can help you to loosen up those spots where wrinkles are born.

This amazing skincare tool will de-puff your face in seconds. The cooling properties help to tighten the skin and close pores and increases lymphatic drainage.

How to Use Jade Roller?

Try keeping your Jade Roller in the fridge overnight to help de-puff your face/eyes in the morning. Start with the roller in the middle of your face and roll out and up. You can start in the middle of the nose, chin and forehead and roll out. Swap to the small side and continue around the eyes.

Neck has many important lymphatic points and you can roll there we too, however make sure you roll downwards in that area. Jade Roller is super easy to use, and requires really zero preparation. 

What is the meaning of Jade Stone?

Jade is frequently used in Chinese alchemy and medicine and it is considered to be a powerful healing stone, cherished as a protective talisman. It is an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract love.

The message of jade is "Love and Accept Yourself", and its powerful healing starts by helping you align yourself with its balanced, harmonious quality of energy. It is the ultimate "Dream Stone," revered in ancient cultures to access the spiritual world, gain insight into ritualistic knowledge and encourage creativity.
Jade is a stone that protects and supports heart energy and it is associated with purity and purification.

The Chinese believe Jade has the ability to confer immortality, eradicate shortness of breath and thirst, as well as improve the health of the heart, kidneys, lungs, and throat. 

What are the colors of Jade?

Jade has six natural colors: green, lavender, red, yellow, white and black. Jade very often exhibits several colors within one piece.

Have you used a jade roller before or planning to get one? Do you love it?
Let us know in the comments below.

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