Aura Meaning: What Are Your Aura Colors?

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Aura Meaning and What Your Aura Colors Mean

Have you ever noticed how certain people have such a hypnotizing presence? When they walk into a room, everybody notices them.

They don't even have to say a word but everyone seems to be captivated by their magic.

That is the effect of an expansive aura. That person may or may not be the speaker, they might just be a member of the audience.

Although, such people are usually the key speakers. There is something special about them that makes people pay more attention and turn their heads, isn't it?

On the other hand, certain people always go unnoticed. It's almost as if they are invisible. No one ever notices their presence even if they stand up on the stage.

So, what makes them feel like they aren't even present?

This phenomenon is called the aura. You might have heard this term before, perhaps you have even used it to describe someone: "So-and-so person has this captivating aura that makes everyone go crazy over him!", is a sentence that's not very uncommon.

  • But what is an aura?
  • How does it affect you and the people around you?
  • How do you identify your aura?
  • What is the relationship between the aura and seven chakras?

If you're looking for the answers to these questions, you're on the right page. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the magic of aura!

What Is An Aura?

In the simplest of words, an aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds every living being.

Yes, auras exist even around animals, not just humans. Talking about humans, people are believed to constantly emit energy around their bodies. This energy makes up a particular person's aura.

An aura is representative of a person's moods, behavior, and characteristics. That's why some people will command a room and others are so afraid of being noticed that they always try to hide their presence.

The vibes that a person generates also comes down to the expansiveness of their aura.

So, what's the benefit of having a strong and positive aura?

When your aura fills the whole room, you will feel deep connection to everyone in it, and they will feel connected to you.

Aura Meaning - Person with vibrant aura

What Is The Meaning of Aura?

Alright, so an aura is an electromagnetic field. But what is the real meaning of aura and how does it work?

Our etheric bodies are made up of energy. This energy is not confined to the physical body. It flows through different energetic channels, known as nadis and it gets distributed further via the chakras.

In other words, aura acts as a protective layer of energy on top of our physical bodies.

It's almost as if someone or something is guarding your outermost layer, which is your skin. Only, in this case, your aura is not just protecting your skin, but also your spirit.

This is the reason everyone's aura is different. Everyone's spirit is different. Everyone's soul is different. And the expanse of the energy field everyone creates is also different.

Some people can influence you easily. It comes from their auras being expansive and vibrant.

Some people will make you feel nervous or anxious. It's because their auras are constricted and their energetic field is limited.

Auras also change over time, depending on your mood, your situation in life, and your overall outlook.

But one thing is certain, it's the aura of a person always makes the first impression even before you get introduced to one another.

It's the aura that lets your instinct decide whether or not you're going to be on good terms with that person.

This is why auras are extremely important in building interpersonal relationships, and in marking your presence in front of the world.



What Color Is My Aura?

Yes, your aura has a color. So, how do you know what is the dominant color in your auric field? Well, you could visit an aura reading place, where you can get your aura photographed.

There are also other ways to find out your aura color at home, one of which is to rub your hands together and wait and see if any colors appear when you slowly pull them apart.

The important thing to note, however, is that your aura color can change, depending on your state of mind, and often it's a mix of various colors. But primarily, they should fall within one of these twelve colors.

Here's the list of the aura colors and what each of them means:

  • Red Aura Meaning:
    Red aura typically occurs in people who are fearless, restless, and enjoy the material world. The darker shade of red, however, portrays a person who's exhausted or frustrated.

  • Pink Aura Meaning:
    Pink aura appears in people who are gentle, caring, and romantic at heart. Their vibe is often comforting, and they're usually creative beings.

  • Magenta Aura Meaning:
    Individualistic, intuitive, and creative, those with magenta-colored auras are not ones to follow the herd. They are unique and often stand out because of their ability to think differently.

  • Orange Aura Meaning:
    People with orange aura are sociable beings, and often form friendships easily. Excellent at teamwork, these individuals can adapt easily and are always willing to try something new.

  • Yellow Aura Meaning:
    Those who have auras with a radiant yellow color are natural leaders. They can motivate people and shine through their optimism. However, darker shades of yellow in an aura indicate self-criticism or over-confidence.

  • Tan Aura Meaning:
    Strategically oriented, these people are analytical in their approach to life and accomplish every task step by step. They are also down-to-earth and meticulous.

  • Green Aura Meaning:
    If you associate green with nature and peace, you're right. Green auras occur in those who are balanced, peaceful, nature-loving, and caring. If your aura is dark green though, you may be going through a bout of jealousy.

  • Blue Aura Meaning:
    Intuition is the word that describes people with blue auras. They make great philosophers because they can harness their source of inner truth. They are also communicative and can influence others.

  • Turquoise Aura Meaning:
    If you see a natural multi-tasker somewhere, know that in all probability they have a turquoise aura. They are not only highly energized themselves, but also constantly help others in achieving their goals.

  • Indigo Aura Meaning:
    People with an indigo aura are deeply intuitive and sensitive. They use these qualities to empathize with others. Whatever they do, comes from the depth of their feelings.

  • Violet Aura Meaning:
    These people are powerful and have charismatic personalities. They're visionaries and achievers. They tend to play important roles in the material world and initiate change, progression, and innovation in others.

  • White Aura Meaning:
    A pure white aura is extremely rare, and occurs only in those individuals who have moved beyond the bondages of the physical world to a more spiritual plane. Some people also get traces of white among other colors. Such people are those who have set their sight on the spiritual path, even though they're not quite there yet.

What Are The Layers of Aura?

Your aura isn't a single block of colored light. It's a bit more complicated than that. But let's see if we can make it simpler. Fortunately, we can because your aura consists of 7 layers.

The layers correspond to the seven chakras and have specific functions:

  1. The first layer that is closest to your skin is the physical layer, comprising your physical body.
  2. The next layer is the emotional layer that, as the name suggests, guides your emotions.
  3. Third comes the mental layer that enables you to reason, and see things logically.
  4. Then comes the fourth layer, which is called the astral layer. With this layer, you slowly begin to move outward from your physical body and harness the powers of your spirit.
  5. Next up is your etheric layer. If you're feeling particularly psychic, know that this is the layer that is hard at work.
  6. The sixth layer is the celestial layer and is responsible for enlightenment and intuition.
  7. The final and the outermost layer is the causal layer, which gathers the strength from all the other layers and guides you to the right path in your life.

If you are looking for an easy to understand and comprehensive guide to the seven layers of your aura check out this article on our blog.

7 Chakras & Seven Aura Layer Colors Guide

How Can You See Your Aura?

If an aura is an electromagnetic field, can you see it without any special equipment? The answer is "yes". All you need is a bit of practice and concentration. You can do this via multiple methods.

Here are three best ways to see your aura:

1. The Mirror

The easiest way to see your aura is to use a mirror. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror, ensuring your background is white.
  2. Concentrate on your third eye, that is, the space between your eyebrows.
  3. Hold for a minute or so.
  4. Gradually expand your vision towards your head and shoulders without moving your eyes.
  5. You'll now see a layer forming around those areas and that right there is your aura.

2. Your Hands

Here's how to visualize your aura using your hands:

  1. Rub your hands together for a minute or so.
  2. Gently pull them apart and then place them back together.
  3. Repeat a few times to check if you can see any colors.
  4. That color your see is nothing but your aura.

3. Ask Someone For Help

Other people can view your aura, too, just as you can see theirs. Ask them to stare at a specific point on your face for about a minute as you stand against a white background.

With a bit of practice, they should be able to see at least one layer forming around your head and shoulders. Make sure to return the favor by looking at their aura, too.

Aura Colors Meaning - What is Your Aura Color

What Does an Aura Feel Like?

Feeling an aura is another way to be aware of its presence. For some people, it's easier to feel an aura than to see it, especially if they're reading someone else's aura.

So, what does it feel like when you're in the presence of someone's aura? To know that, follow these steps to first get to know someone's aura.

  1. Place your hands in the air about 8 inches above the person's head.
  2. Maintaining that distance, gradually move your hand around the person's entire body.
  3. In time, you'll feel the presence of something soft and squishy, like a pillow, only ten times lighter.
  4. Congratulations, you've just felt another person's aura!

Now, how do you feel your aura?

You can do this when you rub your hands together and take them slowly apart.

Your aura will begin to make your feel slightly tingly. You may also notice a bit of vibration and warmth between your palms. Yes, that's your aura getting down to work.

What Causes an Aura?

Every individual has a life force running through their subtle bodies. This life force continually generates small amounts of electric fields.

These fields take the shape of an aura when subjected to certain forms of vibration, for example, rubbing your hands together.

The electromagnetic field expands and contracts, depending on the flow of the life force within our subtle bodies. T

hat's why an aura is linked to the chakras as well because chakras regulate this energy or life force that runs through the body.

If your chakras are positive and healthy, depending on your personality, the field you generate with your electric power can be quite expansive, and vice versa.

This is the reason auras depend on your traits, your moods, and your situation in life.

Your aura is ever-present, whether expanded or contracted, and whether or not you see it or photograph it.

Aura Colors and Layers Photograph

A Clean Aura Can Uplift You

Even though you can change the size of your aura depending on how you feel, it's always best to let your aura do the job.

That's because your aura is the protective layer not just for your body but also for your mind and your soul.

Having said that, it may be good to try and take a step back and look at what your aura is trying to tell you. By now, you know the meaning of each of the aura colors.

So, if you notice at any time that your aura has a murky color, it may be time to clean it. Murkiness in any of the aura colors usually depicts negative characteristics or moods.

Of many ways to clean your aura, taking a bath, using herbs, or meditation are some of the most popular.

Of course, if you're headed towards a spiritual path, make it your goal to reach the stage where your aura remains white at all times, signifying that you've made it to the higher level of consciousness.


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